Data-Driven Thinking
& Tech

When built right, tech enables us to create the best experience possible for our supporters. Data enables us to learn the best lessons from it. P.S. I tend to nerd out on this stuff and love systems thinking.


Rolling out a CRM

In 2016, I became the internal admin for Salesforce at the MAH. During this time, working with our partner Sunreach, I rolled out new customizations to support staff in working with event collaborators and rental partners. In 2018, I helped launch a new front-end sales page for members and donors.

Deciding with Data

In my role as Brand & Community Experience Manager at the MAH, I use data to consistently meet goals. We used OKRs to set objectives and key results. I religiously pinned my Salesforce and Google Analytics dashboards on my browser, and began every new project with a deep dive in what the data was telling us.