Event Planning

Bringing people together through an unforgettable experience is one of the best ways to connect your community with your mission.


Leading a Conference for International Changemakers

As Brand & Community Experience Manager at the MAH, I managed a team of two full-time employees to shape the communications and membership experience for the organization. As a team, we consistently met and surpassed our goals through weekly check-ins, regular stand-ups, and constant collaboration. As a manager, I regularly received high marks in our quarterly reviews.

Producing Small Events for Supporters

In 2018, I was the youngest member of the Downtown Library Advisory Committee, a group appointed to recommend the best improvement planfor the Santa Cruz Downtown Library branch after a $67 million bond measure was approved by the public.



Founding the Power Hour of Fun

I founded an epic social experience called the Power Hour of Fun in 2014 and have hosted it dozens of times for parties, conferences, and events all over the country.



The ‘Power Hour of Fun’ Gives Adults Freedom to be Goofy, One Minute at a Time