Extra Fun Stuff

Full disclosure: I am the kind of person who comes up with ideas that often begin with “I know this is totally crazy, but…”, usually to the vigorous head nodding from someone affirming that yes, that is totally crazy. Then I do it anyway. Here are two of my most notable times doing that.


Founding an Epic Social Experience

In 2014, I founded the Power Hour of Fun for my 23rd birthday party. I had just moved to Santa Cruz and had made lots of casual acquaintances, but not a ton of close friends. That being said, I wanted to celebrate my existence with everyone together in a non-awkward way. Enter the Power Hour of Fun, an hour of sixty different minute-long group experiences that get strangers doing things they never would have originally done together. Think one minute of high fives, one minute of speed meditating, one minute of slow motion saloon brawling. It is fun. It is crazy. I have had the wild privilege of doing it for parties, conferences, and events across the country. I would like to do more. You can book me here.

Creating a Dance Class for Amateurs

Without any experience or training, I co-teach an amateur dance class for adults called Power Prance. I cannot emphasize this enough: I have no experience or training. I affectionately refer to Power Prance as “an exorcism for your inner goofball” which it totally is. In every class, we learn a simple piece of choreography– usually very silly– to an absolute jam. Past hits include: Wannabe by Spice Girls, Space Jam by Quad City DJs, and Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic. One time my co-teacher and I even danced in front of 400 people at a public recital. It was awesome and humiliating and awesome.