Services & Past Work


I love discovering that ‘special something’– the fiery founder story, the inspiring behind-the-scenes work, the epic community impact – that makes the causes I’m working on unique from everything else. I identify the brand and weave that into messaging for the right audiences, through the right channels, at the right moment.

I believe that every word is an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s story and invite somebody new into your world. I got my start in journalism, so I love writing and have an eye for detail.

The best way to create excellent experiences for your supporters is by getting out of our heads and into their shoes. I regularly use customer journey mapping as a tool to understand community experience, identify their pain points, and see where we can do better.


When it comes to adapting my writing to your voice and tone, I’m basically a chameleon. Voice is what helps you stand out from the pack. I know firsthand how important a strong voice can be in communicating your mission.


When I am passionate about a vision, I love getting others fired up about it in person.

We are better together. Plain and simple. Collaboration is core to my working process. I love co-creating with others and putting our heads together to solve a common problem.

When built well, tech enables us to create the best experience possible for our supporters. Data enables us to learn the best lessons from it. P.S. I tend to nerd out on this stuff and love systems thinking.

Bringing people together through an unforgettable experience is one of the best ways to connect your community with your mission.

Full disclosure: I am the kind of person who comes up with ideas that often begin with “I know this is totally crazy, but…”, usually to the vigorous head nodding from someone affirming that yes, that is totally crazy. Then I do it anyway. Here are two of my most notable times doing that.